What is a Gunite Pool?

What is a Gunite Pool?

Gunite Pool – A Popular Choice

Have you been thinking about getting a new inground custom swimming pool built in your backyard? If so, great. Here we talk about gunite pools. In Texas, they are a super popular choice of homeowners, and there are quite a few reasons why. 

Gunite pools allow you to be flexible in your pool design. The options are limitless, the size, shape, and all types of additional features, whether it be water or fire. However, this is only the case if you know the right pool builder who does complete custom work. Unfortunately, many Texas pool builders do cookie-cutter designs that are not considered custom and unique to a homeowner’s budget and lifestyle.

Now as for color. The most popular pool finishes are white and blue. A reputable pool builder will discuss in detail what colors are right for you and how they will affect the pool water color and ambiance. This should all be discussed during the initial design phase of the swimming pool.

The Basics of Gunite Pool Construction  

Gunite pools have a strong structure and are constructed with cement, sand, and water. This combination is applied using a high-pressure hose. As the mixture dries, it becomes rigid and durable. Gunite has been used for years to build pools. It is generally paired with another solid material like steel. Once the structure is formed, it is finished with a coat of plaster. In some cases, plaster is also used in gunite pool resurfacing.

After the design phase, excavation begins with a hole dug where the pool will be. Next, a steel bar network will be installed. This is called rebar. Additional steel is placed on the areas of the pool that need reinforcement, like the raised wall or deep end of the pool. The steel bars are constructed in the shape of a cage. The cage is lifted on concrete blocks so that the bars don’t touch the soil. When the cage is built on top of concrete blocks, there’s lots of space that can be filled in with fresh gunite.

Once the steel bar structure is in place, the pool is ready for gunite. A professional crew will spray the gunite blend at high speed onto the steel bars across the pool, which provides a dense floor and a series of walls for the pool. Plaster is then applied after the mixture dries, making the pool even stronger.

Gunite Pool Maintenance and Repair

Finally, once your pool is installed, you’ll want to keep it looking incredible, safe and healthy, which means getting the details on gunite pool maintenance. Pool cleaning and maintenance are different among the different types of pools, such as gunite vs. fiberglass vs. vinyl liner pools. Maintaining a pool can, of course, be done by the homeowner, but why stress and lose valuable time relaxing and unwinding poolside? It may be well worth it to consider hiring a pool maintenance company. It may even, in fact, save you money in the long run.

Along with gunite pool maintenance will come gunite pool repair. Things run down; things break; it’s a fact of life. So, again, as you want a custom pool builder, not a cook-cutter designer, you want an experienced and professional pool repair company. So, here we are, BPS, The Backyard Pool Specialists. We are a professional team that has earned excellent reviews. We have extensive experience in ensuring that you’re satisfied with all of our pool service results.

Give us a call or contact us here to learn more. We are located in Cypress Texas and design, build and service incredible inground swimming pools to the many surrounding areas.