Pool Maintenance

Pool Service • Equipment Repair

Pool Services

The following pool maintenance professional services are available to make sure your pools are safe and enjoyable for swimmers and that your pool water always looks beautiful.

Full Service – Weekly pool cleaning, water testing and balancing chemicals
Every Other Week – Pool cleaning, water testing and balancing chemicals
Chemical Only –
Weekly water testing and properly balancing chemical levels

Equipment Services

Pool ownership can be a drain on your precious down time and your wallet.  We can work with you to make sure you have the most energy efficient equipment available and automation that takes the guesswork and timeout of maintaining your pool.

Equipment Updates: Automation, alternative chlorination, energy efficiency, gorgeous lighting

Equipment Service and Repair:  As certified equipment repair and installation professionals, we will make sure your equipment is working properly, efficiently and safely.  When it’s beyond repair, we will work within your budget to install the best option for you and your pool.

pool maintenance
pool maintenance

Additional Maintenance Services

We are a complete pool maintenance and cleaning service company, we offer all types of additional services.

Drain and Clean: Whether your pool has turned green from sitting over the winter or you have purchased a home with a pool that needs a little TLC, we can take care of the cleanup.

Premium Service Program: Keep your equipment maintained by enrolling in our PSP service plan. It includes three service calls throughout the year and an additional 15% discount on needed part and repairs. (call for additional details)

Filter Clean: Often the pool seems to be running fine, but the water is cloudy. This indicates it is time to have the filter serviced.  DE, Cartridge or Sand filters – we service them all.

Vacation Service: Gone for a week or more and would like to have the pool checked on.
Give us a call.  This is a fantastic program for vacation and investment property owners!

Pool School:  Pool school is a wonderful program we offer for our customers of new or inherited pools. 

Pool Inspections: If you are considering buying a home with a pool, give us a call.  We can inspect your pool for safety and proper operation.    

Swimming pools are an investment in your home’s worth.  Overlooking maintenance and needed repairs is costly.  Contact Backyard Pool Specialists for help in maintaining and repairing your pool.   We can also make any needed repairs to your filter, pumps or heater.  And if you are looking to build a new pool, we offer custom designs and excellent quality construction.

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