5 Signs You Need Pool Equipment Repair

5 Signs You Need Pool Equipment Repair

Signs you Need Pool Equipment Repair

How well is your pool performing? Although your pool may be still functioning, it’s all too easy for wear and tear to affect its performance. While regular pool maintenance can minimize the risk of pool equipment requiring repair, if it’s been a while since you had your pool serviced, it could be running sub-optimally.

Unfortunately, a pool that isn’t working correctly can be hazardous to health and provide a less-than-ideal swimming experience. Take a look at these five signs that could indicate you need some rapid pool equipment repair. 

1. A Pool That Takes too Long to Warm up

When your pool heater is working effectively, your pool should be at the perfect temperature whenever you want to use it. If you’re discovering that the pool is cold at unexpected times of the day, it could be a sign of a serious problem with the heater. 

2. Strange Noises Coming From Your Pool Equipment

Grinding, crunching, knocking, or other unusual noises definitely need a thorough investigation. The cause may be anything from a trapped piece of debris to a pump that’s about to fail. Professional diagnosis is usually the fastest way to diagnose the problem and put it right.

3. Dirty Water

Any signs that the water in your pool is dirty definitely require a close look. Remember that the look of the water alone isn’t enough to work out whether it’s safe to swim in. If your regular water testing shows that there’s a problem, and/or you can see that the pool water isn’t as clean, clear, and debris-free as it should be, it’s important to get it looked at – dirty pool water can be hazardous to health, particularly for vulnerable individuals.

4. Increasing Energy Bills

If you notice that there’s been an increase in your energy bills, with no obvious cause, it could be that your pool equipment is underperforming. Over time, almost every appliance that’s run by electricity begins to lose efficiency, using more energy than previously to deliver the same results. Luckily, a thorough service can be all that’s needed to increase efficiency, ensuring you get the best performance for your money.

5. Insufficient Servicing

Regular pool equipment services are essential to ensure all the systems that keep your pool in top condition are operating correctly. If you’ve let your service schedule slip, or have moved to a property with a pool and aren’t sure when it was last serviced, we recommend booking a maintenance visit as soon as possible.  

As part of the servicing process, the pool technician will perform a comprehensive set of checks, cleaning, and other important maintenance tasks, ensuring the pool equipment is working well.

Are You Seeing Signs You Need Pool Equipment Repair?

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Please take note of these signs you need pool equipment repair so as to stop any further damage and to continue to enjoy your pool.