Pool Remodeling

When You Need A Pick Me Up!

Does your swimming pool need a facelift? If so, consider some exciting ways to renovate your swimming pool and your backyard.  Pool remodeling and renovations can update the look and feel of your pool and your entire outdoor space.  You don’t have to be stuck with the design of yesterday.  Contact us about ways to update the finishes and amenities of your pool. 

Pool remodeling can also include equipment updates.  There are many products available that will add to your equipment by lessening the time needed to maintain your pool and its water.  Some of the newer technologies include automation of basic pool functions, cleaning, chlorination and more.  Equipment updates can also reduce the costs of maintaining your pool with their super high efficiency.

From adding new plaster to a complete overhaul of your entire backyard – we handle it all.

  • Pool Re-plaster
  • Replace Tile and Coping
  • Redo Deck
  • Add Spa or Water feature
  • Patios, pergolas, landscape and lighting
  • Equipment updates

Old plaster gets rough, stained, etched and in some instances, it will start to wear off.  This can cause water loss and also allows algae to attach to the plaster giving your pool an unsightly and dirty look.  A pool re-plaster is the perfect option.  We have many plaster options available to choose from, in all price ranges.  Popular options include: traditional white plaster, quartz rock plaster surfaces for added color and strength and the very popular pebble surfaces.

Does your pool have loose or broken tile and coping?  We will give you many different beautiful options to choose from.  We’ve remodeled many older-style pools with pre-cast coping that were replaced with a more up-to-date look of brick, travertine and flagstone. 

Replace or cover old deck is yet another option.  Expanding soil and years of tree growth can cause your pool’s decking to shift and crack, or it may just look old, dirty and dated.  Consider replacing or recovering that old worn out deck with new Pea Gravel, Sundek, Pavestone or Patterned Concrete. 

If you have a grander remodel in mind, we can design a spa, beautiful rock waterfall or raised walls with spillovers for your existing pool.  We can also customize your backyard with a new patio cover that will look as if it were built with your home.  The sky is the limit with summer kitchens, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces and features.  Think about the convenience of an outdoor bathroom.  We can design and build it all including landscaping, irrigation and lighting.

Pool remodeling

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