Lay Eyes On The Best Pool Builders in Katy TX

Lay Eyes On The Best Pool Builders in Katy TX

Best Pool Builders in Katy TX

A new backyard pool is something that will add value to your home and provide you and your family with fun and comfort for years to come. Since a pool can be a great investment, you should be sure to turn to the best pool builders in Katy TX. No one beats the experts at the Backyard Pool Specialists (BPS Pools), who have the expertise to build the backyard pool of your dreams. We combine attention to detail, expert construction, and a broad suite of available pool features in our projects.

Versatile Services

Some people want a simple, geometric pool where they can cool off on hot days. Others want the works, with luxurious water features, an attached spa, and more. Whichever shape you want your pool to take, Backyard Pool Specialists is the right choice. 

New Pool Construction

Construction is the basic, essential service of any pool builder. Here at Backyard Pool Specialists, we use the best materials to build high quality pools tailored to your personal needs and preferences. Simple, classic pool designs or modern pools loaded with the latest in computerized heat regulation and automated water controllers are easy for us. Furthermore, we offer a range of landscaping services that can transform your whole backyard.

Remodeling and Maintenance

If you have an old pool that needs a makeover, give us a call. We’re ready and able to perform any necessary maintenance. Additionally, we can easily upgrade your existing pool with technical systems, water features, hot tubs, and much more. 

Water Features

Sprinkling fountains, rock waterfalls, and similar water features add a touch of luxury to any pool. The beautiful look these additions provide as well as the soothing sound of falling water combine to transform the swimming experience for the better.

Fire Features

There’s no doubt that fire features are the hottest new trend in pool design. They add a unique stylistic flair throughout the day, but especially help pools come alive at night when the light of the flames dance across the water.


People around the world hold spas in high regard for the relaxing, therapeutic experiences they offer. Here at the Backyard Pool Specialists, we’ll build new pools with built-in spas or add a spa to your existing pool so you can dive in and let your troubles drift away. 

Best Pool Builders in Katy TX

At Backyard Pool Specialists, we believe in taking a hands-on approach to pool building. We work as your project managers, developers, and pride ourselves on our ability to help you make informed decisions about pool design.

Throughout our years in the pool building business, we’ve fostered partnerships with reliable vendors that ensure every product meets the highest standards in the industry. Our attention to detail, contractor-developer teams, and client-developer communication are first-rate.

In short, the Backyard Pool Specialists (BPS Pools) are truly known to be one of the best pool builders in Katy TX. When you’re interested in pool construction and remodeling, get in touch with us and schedule a consultation.