Top 5 Tips on Selecting a Pool Builder

A swimming pool in your backyard – wow! You’ve talked about building a swimming pool, you’ve saved for it, and now you are ready to make it a reality. The first step toward making your dream come true is selecting the right pool builder. When you make the right choice, the process of designing and building your pool will be a pleasant one. Here are some quick tips to help you select the right pool builder for you.

        Word-of-mouth referrals are always the best. There is no better recommendation than one from someone who has had a pool built and whose judgment you respect. Ask them about the company they hired. Was the company easy to contact during construction? Were their crews clean and courteous? Was the experience pleasant? Where there any surprises? Did they deliver as promised?
        As you listen to each presentation, make notes and ask lots of questions. A reputable pool builder should be able to answer all of your questions clearly and satisfactorily. Choose the company with whom you feel most comfortable. But, while your gut will tell you which pool builder is right for you, make sure they can give you assurances in the form of documentation. Here are a few of the main questions all companies should be able to answer.

        • How long have they been in business?
        • Do they have customer references?
        • Are they members of the Better Business Bureau?
        • Can they show you pools they have built and pools in progress?
        • Are all building specifications listed on the contract – including the payment schedule?
        • Does the design agree with what is written in the contract?
        • Who is your main contact during the pool construction?
        • How long will the pool take to complete?
        • What is the pool schedule from excavation to completion?
        • Why should you choose them to build your pool?
        • Do they follow the recommended safety standards of the industry?
        If you have a budget in mind, it will be much easier to select companies that are in your price range. Comparing “apples to apples” is very important because there are so many different types of builders. Some companies advertise low base prices on their pools that do not include everything needed to complete construction. Other builders will custom design a pool for your backyard, taking into consideration utilities, trees, existing concrete, and access, to give you a turnkey project with no surprises. Remember to look for good quality at a fair price. Properly built swimming pools should offer many years of enjoyment and beauty, not turn into a big headache because of hours of maintenance and equipment repairs.
        Exploring design is where the fun begins. The goal is to have a pool and backyard that fit your family’s lifestyle and seamlessly blend with the style of your home.
        Some companies offer a wider variety of standard choices over other companies.

        Since there are many more choices available today in pool design, it is smart to hire someone who has kept up with industry’s newest options. The best pool builders can help you navigate the many finish and feature options that will fit within your budget and give you the look you’re hoping to achieve.

        • Are you interested in diving, swimming laps, or do you want a play pool for volleyball and recreation?

        • Do you want a spa? Spas do add cost to the pool; however, they will allow you to use your pool year round.
        • Are you looking to add drama with a water feature such as moss rock waterfalls or raised walls with fountains?
        • Do you prefer a natural free-form or geometric pool shape?
        • What style decking do you prefer? There are many choices such as pea-gravel, textured surfaces, brick pavers, colored concrete, and more.
        When you select a pool builder, make sure they will be your partner for the life of your pool, not just build it. It’s important to select a pool builder that will stand behind their work and support you for as long as you own your pool.The best pool builders are full-service companies that repair and replace equipment, who can expand and remodel pools and their surrounds, who can service your pool and offer maintenance. These types of builders don’t just build pools; they are full-service partners who will be there for you whenever you need them, long after your pool has been built.

Building a swimming pool should be an enjoyable experience. It’s an investment in your home, your free time, and your family’s memories. So remember, in choosing your pool builder, choose an experienced company that will not only build you a pool but who will also transform your backyard into your dream oasis.