8 Reasons Why Your Pool Is Losing Water

8 Reasons Why Your Pool Is Losing Water

Is Your Pool Is Losing Water?

If you have a pool on your property, it requires much maintenance and care to keep the water clean and correct levels each season. At some point, you may notice that the pool is losing water even if you attempt to refill it.

If you see your pool isn’t as high as it once was, there are a few causes and things you can do to fix the issue to ensure you can continue to enjoy the pool.

Pool Losing Water After Heavy Rain

Due to a heavy rainstorm, water loss is more common with vinyl liner pools that can be damaged, come loose, or float to the top. With other types of inground pools, it is vital to get the water level down. If not drained, the water balance will change, causing cloudy water and more.


During the winter, the ambient temperature outside can cause water to evaporate due to the low humidity. This causes the environment to try and balance out the lack of moisture by removing water from the pool.

In the summer, many people notice their water level gets lower as the temperatures rise. This can be puzzling for many homeowners, but it’s often due to the water evaporating as it sits in the sun all day. The average pool loses about 2 inches of water every week. Investing in a pool cover and using it when you do not plan to spend time in the pool’s water can be beneficial.

Splash Out

This is a natural occurrence with swimmers entering, leaving and diving into the pool. However, water features such as waterfalls and spillways can also cause water loss.

Pool Losing Water Overnight

If you notice your pool losing water overnight, there is likely a leak somewhere.

Pool Losing 1″ of Water a Day

Another common sign of a leak is if the pool is losing 1″ of water a day. A qualified professional can use advanced equipment and tools to look for leaks that aren’t visible. Once the source of the leak is discovered, it can allow you to have the required repairs performed to resolve the problem and avoid wasting more water. In addition, you can immediately replenish your water supply and restore the water level.

Why Is My Pool Losing Water When The Pump Is On or Off?

You may be wondering, “Why is my pool losing water when the pump is on or off?” If the leak happens when the pump is running or turned off, there can be a pressure-side leak in the return line and jet fittings. Additionally, skimmers, fittings, drains and piping should all be checked.


Filtration systems that use the backwash feature can result in water loss. Either when you are backwashing or the multi-port valve can be leaking water out of the backwash line.

Water Loss During The Winter?

You may be surprised to know that water loss is still common in the winter season due to the humidity level in the air and high winds. Windy conditions cause heat loss and evaporation. Add a pool cover, place a fence or shrubs around the pool to block the wind to help prevent water loss.

If it’s a dry winter that doesn’t produce much rainfall, it also prevents your pool’s water level from being restored naturally during the season.

Pool Losing Water? Get Additional Help

Understanding what to do when your pool experiences a water loss is necessary to take the proper steps before the problem escalates. You can also hire a professional to assist you and avoid handling any of the repairs on your own or preventing potential mistakes from occurring. 

If you need further assistance, please contact BPS, The Backyard Pool Specialists, which is what we are “pool specialists”