Pool Shell Cracking; Causes and What to Do About it

Pool Shell Cracking; Causes and What to Do

Reasons for Pool Shell Cracking

Owning a gorgeous backyard pool comes with many responsibilities. You may be able to anticipate some issues like cleaning pool debris, maintaining PH levels etc.

But other problems may get unnoticed for a while and puzzle you, such as when you find pool shell cracks.

Luckily, you can fix these issues in time with professional pool service in Houston and all of the surrounding areas of Texas from BPS Pools, the Backyard Pool Specialists.

What causes pool cracks?

Pool Shell Cracking; Causes and What to Do

Like many things, even your beautiful pool may take a hit with weather changes, accidental damage or heavy use. As a result, the sides of the pool, deck, or floor may develop cracks.

Improper engineering. Causes for pool shell cracks may range from improper leveling off the ground before installation or a sloping site. Builders must first check if the soil is loadbearing or if there is too much clay content.

Poor installation. The longevity of a pool depends on how well you install it. If there are some errors in the construction process or the contractors take shortcuts, it may result in pool shell cracks.

Soil issues. Minor shifts in the soil, earthquakes or excessive underground water may also lead to cracking. Particularly for hillside pools or those with expansive soils on flat lots can succumb to soil movement.

Usually, they start as fine spiderweb-like cracks and grow bigger and damage the pool’s structure. Sometimes, the situation may be beyond fix and the pool must be replaced. You can avoid such cumbersome tasks and unnecessary expenses with local pool services.

How to fix pool cracks?

No matter the type of crack – related to soil, shoddy installation or other issues, they fall under two categories:

Surface cracks

The tiniest cracks visible clearly on a hot, dry day are usually superficial. They may result from shrinkage of flexing of the pool’s support structure. You may apply silicon putty or pool patch even without draining the water. They do not cause pool leaks, but it is wise to hire a pool service company that services the Houston area and beyond to determine if they run deep.

Structure cracks

Pool floor cracks can be examples of structural damages caused by the shifting of the pool shell. You may also see them in the pool plaster coating along the wall or over the bond beam and tiles. If the pool is not level, then you can suspect some underlying issue. If you attempt to cover them up with plaster, you may do more damage. So, bring in BPS Pools pool maintenance experts to repair them.

Fix pool cracks before they turn dangerous

Corners, behind the tiles, floor, and other correction points, may also show cracking and shifting. They may also spread to the deck and become dangerous for anyone walking on the patio or using the pool.

Furthermore, moisture entering the ground can make the entire structure collapse and damage the foundation of your home, too. Such issues can be avoided with regular maintenance and pool service throughout the Houston area and beyond.

Can pool cracks be repaired?

The answer is yes! Get in touch with BPS Pools, the Backyard Pool Specialists. We will view your current situation and discuss the structural crack repair that will be needed. Hairline cracks in pool plaster, inground pool shifting, concrete repair around pool? No worries, we can help.

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