Tempting Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

Tempting Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

You love your new pool – but you don’t love the sunburn you get when you’re laying out by it. In fact, the water in your pool might increase your chances of getting a sunburn.

Continue your backyard expansion by pairing a covered outdoor living space with your pool deck or patio. It will add value and enjoyment to your home.

Inspiring Ideas for Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

Get inspired by these ideas to add a covered outdoor space to your home. Creative options are available to customize your living space including fireplaces, cooking spaces, pergolas, furnishings, and more.


Everyone loves to get cozy around the fire, especially after swimming all day. With many options for fireplace design, from classic beehive to open pits, you can find a style that matches the rest of your outdoor decor.

You can also choose wood-burning or gas, depending on the availability of resources in your area. Gas outdoor fireplaces are often used with glass stones filling the pit to create a cool, colored looked that appears unique and magical.

Cooking Spaces

Advancements in outdoor kitchens and bars have made full culinary dream kitchens right on your patio. Countertop grills, mini-fridge, wine coolers, and all the outlets needed to blend up a margarita can be incorporated into your outdoor living area.

When your guests have spent the afternoon swimming, cook them up some great hors d’oeuvres without having to leave the party yourself. With a pre-filled mini-fridge and a grill ready to go, you can cook right from the center of the action.  


Outdoor living covers do not have to be full roofs. You can also consider a pergola. These structures have latticework covering roof beams, creating an open-air feeling.

If desired, fabric shades can be strung along these open beams. Conversely, vining plants such as wisteria, bougainvillea, or climbing roses, can be planted at the base of the beams and trained over the lattice creating a living roof. 

These can be especially useful in warm areas with minimal rain so that furnishings below the open lattice do not need extra protection.


The modern covered outdoor living area has become more of an external living room or den with many of the same furnishing features. Gone are the days of hard plastic porch chairs. Advances in textiles have made weatherproof fabrics more attractive and comfortable, enabling cushioned outdoor furniture to rise in popularity.

From full-length couches and sectionals to string lighting and side tables, furnishing a covered outdoor living room feels like furnishing any other room in your house.

Find an indoor/outdoor rug to cover the tile or brick of your patio. Arrange comfortable seating around it. If needed, add some elegant, draped mosquito netting to keep away unwanted pests.

Spend Some More Time Outside

Make your covered outdoor living spaces as comfortable and relaxing as your indoors. If you have already taken the steps to increase your home’s value with a pool and patio, complete the project with a covered outdoor living area. 

Stop sunburns and keep bugs away while making space for entertaining.

Get in touch with Backyard Pool Specialists today to find out how you can expand your outdoor living area with outdoor living covers and more.

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Tempting Covered Outdoor Living Spaces