Adding a Spa To Existing Pool

Adding a Spa To Existing Pool

Are you considering adding a spa to an existing inground swimming pool? A wonderful idea!

Everything’s bigger in Texas — but that doesn’t mean everything’s hotter. In fact, outsiders might think that we don’t have winters in our southwestern state, but the truth is that the Houston area sees an average low temperature of fewer than 50 degrees in most winter months. 

Now, when it’s that cold outside, you’re not going to go for a swim in your pool. If you still want to enjoy your backyard oasis, though, you might consider adding a spa to your setup. 

As it turns out, you can add a spa to your pool quite easily. Here’s what you should know before embarking on the process. 

You Have Multiple Styles to Choose From

Even if your pool’s already in the ground, you can add a spa to it. That’s true even if you envision it as part of your pool. 

You’re thinking of adding a spillover spa, which will be an add-on to your existing pool. Its outer edge will at least be partly in the pool, which is why it’s called a spillover — the water from your spa might flow into your pool as people get in and out of it.

The spillover spa looks clean and slots right into your existing pool design. Alternatively, though, you might consider installing an in-ground spa separate from your pool. This option can be designed to blend into the natural landscape with rocks, plants, and trees. 

You might prefer a naturalistic, standalone spa, but keep in mind that it may end up costing more than the spillover spa. Here’s why.

The Spillover Spa is the Easier Option

Your spillover spa will be built into your existing pool. That means you won’t need to buy a second pump to keep your spa clean. Instead, both it and the pool can run on the same pump, saving you money and time on spa maintenance

Cost isn’t the only thing that makes a spillover spa more appealing. Many people who have installed a spillover spa love the convenience of it. They can jump from the warm waters to the cool waters for a refreshing dip that segues into a relaxing float. 

With a spillover spa, you get all of the benefits of having a hot tub, too. It helps you relax and relieve stress, and adds value to your property. What wouldn’t potential buyers want to have a pool-and-spa combo in their backyard? 

Finally, a spillover spa looks excellent, too. It’s a streamlined addition to your pool, and it makes the setup appear that much more luxurious. You, your family, and your guests will love using it for years to come. 

Adding a Spa? Call BPS, The Backyard Specialists

Perhaps the above information has convinced you that it’s time to start adding a spa to your inground swimming pool. If so, contact BPS, The Backyard Pool Specialists — we can transform your pool into a place of relaxation that you can use, even in the middle of a Texas winter.