Woodlands TX Pool Service: Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair

5 Tips – Woodlands TX Pool Service: Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair

Five Steps to Being Pool Ready – Find a Woodlands, TX Pool Service and Maintenance

With approximately 10.5 million pools in the United States, pool maintenance is more important than ever. If you’re in Woodlands, TX, pool service is especially important, as those hot temperatures will drive you to find relief. So, have you been searching for Woodlands TX Pool Service and getting frustrated? Let us help you.

First, you do not want to put off pool maintenance. Not maintaining your pool leads to further problems. And those problems can be seriously expensive.

So if you are a lucky Woodlands, Texas, pool owner, or planning to purchase a pool for the summer, keep these five tips in mind for getting your pool summer-ready.

5 Tips on Woodlands TX Pool Service

Tip 1: Turn on Pool Equipment

First things first, run that pool equipment. 

After a season of not using the pool, your equipment needs a check-up. Clean out the filter to remove any large pieces of debris. Run your filter and ensure that it is up to snuff. 

If any equipment could use an update, consider replacing it with energy-efficient models. Or, connect with local pool companies to organize repairs for any equipment that needs a boost.

Tip 2: Clean the Pool

Once your equipment is in good working order, start cleaning your pool.

Focus on removing any large debris, such as sticks, leaves, or anything else that’s landed in the pool. You want to ensure that once your pool is up and running that nothing will clog up your filter.

Tip 3: Add Fresh Water

Your pool will probably look pretty grimy after a season of sitting dormant. But no matter what the color of the water, you will want to add fresh water to bring it to the proper level.

Once your pool is full, run the filter and let it process for 24 hours. This is another good chance to make sure that your equipment is working properly.

Tip 4: Balance the Chemical Levels

With a pool full of water, it’s time to add your chemicals. Pool chemicals are a critical step in opening your pool for the warmer months. Chemicals will keep the water safe for swimming and bring that nice color back to your pool.

However, it’s important to hit the right balance. Too many chemicals and your swimmers could experience irritation.

Once the pool is shocked the chlorine levels should be maintained between 1 to 5 ppm.

The correct pH levels should be between 7 to 7.6. A level of 8 or higher can put swimmers at risk of rashes. In contrast, a level below 7 can irritate swimmers’ eyes.

Tip 5: Vacuum and Scrub it Clean

Pool vacuums are one of the best pool accessories you can own. These tools make it so much easier to clean the gunk that gathers at the bottom of your pool.

Give your pool a good vacuum, and scrub away any build-up along the liner or deck.

Backyard Pool Specialists is Your Woodlands TX Pool Service Company

Now that you’ve checked off everything on our pool prep guide, it’s time to enjoy your pool. 

If you live in Woodlands, TX, pool service is just a call away. Backyard Pool Specialists is a family-owned business that has been keeping pools up and running since 1978.

Don’t let a dirty, run-down pool stop you from enjoying your summer. Contact BPS, The Backyard Pool Specialists today for a free no-obligation quote on our Woodlands TX Pool service. You and your pool will be happy you did.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy and let the Backyard Pool Specialists provide the best Woodlands TX Pool Service.