Why Replace an Old Pool Light

Why Replace an Old Pool Light

Pool lighting could save your life. Swimming at night reduces your exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Not only will you decrease your risk of cancer, but you’ll also get a full-body workout. This can also reduce eye damage and skin aging.

All perfect reasons to replace old pool lights. Doing this is a cost-effective upgrade. It will drastically enhance the look and feel of your pool and backyard.

There are also many other benefits you can enjoy. Read on to find out what they are and how you can make your pool more attractive for night swimming.

Benefits of Pool Lighting

Having pool lights is a practical safety measure. You don’t have to have nocturnal swimming habits for this to be a must. Lights outline the pool area lessening the chance of mishaps. These lights can also:

Enhance Water Features

As a pool owner, you’re aware that a pool is a significant investment.This includes the initial installation as well as pool maintenance. However, living in Texas, you’re sure to get a lot of use out of it especially if you have kids or enjoy entertaining.

Did you install your pool after buying your home? You probably added features to enjoy your investment even more. Strategically placing lights is one of the best ways to enhance water features

This not only makes swimming at night more enjoyable. It can beautify your pool and surrounding yard.

Beautify Your Pool

Pool lights don’t only have to enhance water features. You can use it to highlight other features such as swim-up bars, waterslides, or grottos.

Lights can also create a mesmerizing effect when they reflect on the pool’s surface. It creates a nice ambiance that’s perfect if you love entertaining at night.

Make Nighttime Entertainment Easier

When you replace your old pool light it can make a major difference to your pool and outdoor area. You can also add additional lights. These can help illuminate the area, making it easier to entertain at night.

Adding colored lights can also make nighttime gatherings fun.  

Upgrades on a Budget

If it’s time for a pool repair, you might want to consider some cheaper swimming pool upgrades. Replacing old pool lighting can be one of them. 

If you have incandescent lights why not make the switch LED bulbs? It will cost you a few hundred dollars more, but it last longer.

Why not also take the opportunity to automate your lighting? This can provide better energy efficiency and lower your costs.

Replace Old Pool Light with Expertise

You don’t have to drain your pool to replace an old pool light. It’s one of the many reasons, that makes it an easy way to upgrade your pool. Pool lighting can enhance your pool’s water features as well as other elements.

It can also create a cozy ambiance that makes entertaining enjoyable. Although replacing an old light is simple, you might want to call in the experts. 

BPS the Backyard Pool Specialists can advise you on the best pool lighting to use. We can also provide you with swimming pool construction, renovation, remodeling, pool cleaning & maintenance, and outdoor kitchen services. Contact us today to get a FREE no-obligation quote!