Why is My Pool Water Still Cloudy?

Why is My Pool Water Still Cloudy?

Why Can’t I Get My Pool Water Clear?

One of the most common questions we get during this time of year is: Why is my pool still cloudy? Why can’t I get my pool water clear?

As a pool owner, you want your pool to be ready anytime for swimmers. In addition, you want your water to be clean, clear, and problem-free. Sadly, there is no magical pool fairy that will come and clear your water; of course, with regular pool maintenance, the pool’s water can stay crystal clear, healthy and safe. However, if you find you have cloudy water and cannot get it to clear up, we have a few suggestions for you.

Green Pool Water

You may have already shocked your pool. You may also have applied an algaecide. But you still see cloudy pool water when you gaze at your pool. So, let’s start from scratch.

If your pool is green, shock it again. However, before you do, ensure the pH level is around 7.2. It must be in the correct range for the chlorine to work efficiently. Once shocked and the pool starts to turn bluish-gray, brush the sides and bottom of the pool. Also, check for debris, such as leaves and dirt, which you must vacuum. If not, the water can remain cloudy. Algae thrive on waste.

Check Your Phosphates and Nitrates

Sometimes, the cause of milky pool water isn’t what you think. Phosphates and nitrates can also be the cause because they attract algae to grow. If your phosphates and nitrate levels are high, the water will become cloudy, and algae growth will be difficult to stop. In addition, your pool may be slippery and slimy, with mustard and green-colored debris.

Some kits can test for phosphate and nitrate levels. When you find the levels are too high, you will need to backwash the pool filter thoroughly, apply phosphate and nitrate remover per label dosage, run the filter continuously for 48 hours, backwash again and retest. If necessary, add more chemical removers and repeat the steps outlined.

Other Pool Issues 

What if your pool is cloudy, but the chemicals are fine? There are other reasons your water might be cloudy. You may need to ensure your pool filter runs correctly and efficiently and is the right size for your pool. Sometimes, you may need to change your pool filter to ensure you’re getting crystal clear pool water.

You might also want to try a flocculent, such as aluminum sulfate. A flocculent makes sure any debris in your water that makes it cloudy settles on the bottom of the pool. Once the waste settles, you can vacuum it up, and your water should be clearer.

What About Saltwater Pools?

Many people think that saltwater pools are cloudier than chlorine pools. However, that is not the case. Your saltwater pool should be just as clear as a chlorinated pool. Like chlorine pools, if your saltwater pool is cloudy, your first job is to check the chemicals. Often with a saltwater pool, there is too much calcium, which causes the pool to cloud up.

In Need Of Help?

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