Under Cover: 7 Trendy Patio Cover Ideas

Under Cover: 7 Trendy Patio Cover Ideas

Patio Cover Ideas

It’s a widely-known fact that spending time outside works wonders for your mental health. In fact, experts agree that human beings need to spend at least 120 minutes a week outdoors, but this isn’t the reality for many people. Instead, busy people stay cooped up at work desks all day and then go home to relax on the couch inside.

But what if we told you that you could do that relaxing outdoors? That you could curl up with a good book or a Netflix-linked tablet while sitting outside your home?

Well, it’s true! Here, we’re going to talk about some patio cover ideas that will ensure you can use your outdoor space morning, noon, and night, so read on if you want to ultimately boost your mental health.

1. Pavilion-Like Coverings

If you want a sturdy covering for your patio that looks classy, a pavilion ceiling might be right for you. These sturdy structures can be made out of shining metal or intricately carved wood that’s painted to go with the rest of your exterior decor. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, their solidness allows for no rain to slip through the cracks.

2. Superb Skylight Ceilings

Speaking of enjoying any type of weather, clear glass (or sturdy plastic) ceilings are a perfect way to cover your patio. This- along with clear walls, if you choose to include them- creates a sort of sunroom where you can immerse yourself in both rain and shine. You can read, socialize with friends, or even work from home in a sheltered but natural environment.

3. Terrific Tarps

If you want a patio cover that can be moved or taken down in certain weather conditions, a fabric tarp is an awesome option. Tarps come in all sorts of colors and sizes, so we can definitely help you find something that works for you. When you choose a tarp, you’ll be able to enjoy the sunshine streaming through whatever color fabric you choose, which will immerse you in cool hues!

4. Slats and Sunshine

If you only plan to sit outside in sunny weather, you can simply make a roof from metal, vinyl, or plastic slats. These slats can criss-cross over each other in a huge variety of different patterns. If this sounds interesting to you, check out this page to learn more about different patio coverings that we can help you create!

5. Natural Vines and Flowers

If you do choose to go with slats or another fencelike covering, you may want to spice your space up by adding vines to the structure. Wrap them around the poles or bars and trim occasionally. This is a great way to immerse yourself in the natural world and truly feel at peace outdoors.

6. Choosing a Color

No matter what style of patio cover you choose, you’re going to want a color that works well for you. Choose something that you like and that matches with the rest of your home- you don’t want anything to clash! You can also use color psychology if you want your home to reflect your mood and vice versa.

7. Picking a Pattern

Solid color patio coverings are simple and minimalistic, but you also can get one made with a pattern that you like. Polka dots, wavelike patterns, and rainbow check are some awesome ideas of how you can do this.

More Patio Cover Ideas

Now that you know some of the best patio cover ideas on the market in 2020, it’s time to get started. Contact BPS Pools, Backyard Pool Specialists to set up an appointment for a free design consultation and on-site measurement. After that, you’ll be ready to get your quote and start getting ready to relax out of the sun and in the shade!