Tomball Pool Service, Cleaning and Maintenance

Tomball Pool Service, Cleaning and Maintenance

Tomball Pool Service: How Often Should Your Pool Be Cleaned and More Info on Maintenance You Need To Know?

A common question current and prospective homeowners ask themselves is, “How often should I hire pool cleaners?” With spring right around the corner and summer not far behind, more people are considering hiring a Tomball pool service to get their swimming pool ready for warmer weather. For prospective buyers considering purchasing a home with a pool, questions about maintenance requirements are likely part of the decision-making process. 

Nobody wants to swim in murky green water that burns their eyes. Poor water circulation, balance, sanitation, and filtration can harm swimmers, fuel algae growth, and cause structural damage. As a pool owner, you should be concerned about four areas of pool maintenance: the water quality, filter system, liner or walls, and cleaning tools like skimmers and vacuums. Here are some key pool cleaning necessities to be aware of. 

Clean the Interior

You should plan on cleaning your pool’s surfaces at least once a month. That includes cleaning your pool tiles and scrubbing the walls and floor with a long-handled brush to remove algae, mold, and debris. This will help keep your filtration system running smoothly and improve your pool’s aesthetic. 

Vacuum and Skim

It’s important to keep the water free from leaves, bugs, and other debris that can harm swimmers and clog your filter, especially if you don’t have a screened-in pool. Plan to vacuum your pool at least once a month and skim the surface once or twice a week with a pole net. Skimmer options include stationary skimmers that function like gutters and robotic pool skimmers that float on the surface of the water. Depending on your maintenance style, there are both manual and automated pool vacuums that help collect debris.

Test pH and Chlorine Levels

From mold and dirt to the residue left behind by hair conditioners and body soaps, there are a lot of byproducts that can wreck your pool water and cause adverse side effects. It’s important to test the pH and chlorine levels once a week to ensure everything is optimally balanced. Unbalanced levels can lead to skin and eye irritation, cloudy water, built-up bacteria, and other unsanitary water conditions.

A pH level of less than seven is highly acidic. For swimmers, it can irritate the skin and eyes, causing redness and itchiness. For metal pool equipment like ladders and handrails, it can cause corrosion or instability. A pH level higher than seven can be a health hazard. It can cause a build of bacteria and other pathogens, causing the water to become cloudy or dirty. 

Apply a Shock Treatment

Pool owners use a form of chlorine called “shock” to maintain their pool’s water chemistry and remove waste and bacteria. It’s recommended to shock your pool every one to two weeks. After application, avoid swimming for 24–48 hours or until the chlorine level has reached its “safe to swim” level. Doing so can cause intense eye and skin irritation as well as pose a health risk to swimmers.

Let Local Tomball Pool Service Pros Handle the Job

Owning a pool is a big responsibility, and keeping your pool clean and regularly maintained will help you avoid unnecessary pool repair costs. Hire a local Tomball pool service to take care of your swimming pool so you can focus on enjoying your time in it. Contact BPS The Backyard Pool Specialists today to determine the best maintenance regimen and schedule for your pool’s needs.