Salt Water Pool or Not!

Salt Water Pool or Not!

Salt Water vs Chlorine Pool Cost: 3 Facts To Help You Choose

Salt Water Pool or Not!

Can’t decide between a chlorine or saltwater pool? You’re not alone. Differentiating between the two is challenging for anyone who isn’t a pool technician. The good news is both are excellent choices. So what do you need to know? Many homeowners want to know how saltwater vs chlorine pool cost compare, and that is a key factor but there are some others too. This article covers everything you need to know to figure out whether you want a salt water pool or not.

Differences Between Saltwater and Chlorine Pools

It is a common misconception that saltwater pools are free of chlorine. Saltwater pools still use chlorine to clean the pool, but how the chlorine is produced is different. Saltwater pools generate their own chlorine.

These pools use systems know as saltwater chlorine generator cells, which process the salt into chlorine. This is the same chlorine as you would put into a chlorine pool, but is gentler and milder.  

Saltwater vs Chlorine Pool Cost

Cost is the major difference between the two pools. Saltwater pools have a much higher set-up cost than chlorine pools, but they are much cheaper to maintain. The reason saltwater pools are cheaper to maintain is the saltwater chlorine generator process outlined above. 

You can expect to spend as little as $100 a year maintaining your saltwater pool (excluding cleaning). Chlorine pools on the other hand can cost $300 to $800 per year in chlorine. The difference in cost is because salt is 3-8 times cheaper than store-bought chlorine.  

Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine Pools Maintenance 

Maintaining saltwater and chlorine pools are very similar. For both pools you must:

  • Vacuum and brush
  • Balance all chemicals
  • Service the heater
  • Clean the filters
  • Sweep the deck
  • Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Cover the pool

There are some important differences. Most modern saltwater generators now allow you to set it to regulate the pools chlorine levels on its own. Modern saltwater pools also allow you to adjust the production of chlorine using a control system. This makes it easier to manage the chemicals and balance in the pool.

One drawback of saltwater pools though is that pH levels will fluctuate more. Chlorine generated by salt gets burnt up by the sun, so you will need a CYA stabilizer to boost the effectiveness of the chlorine. 

Saltwater Pool vs Chlorine Pool Health 

The most important difference between chlorine and saltwater pools is the health implications of the pool. There are some health benefits of a salt water pool. Chlorine from saltwater is less concentrated and makes it much gentler to the skin. Both types of chlorine sanitize the pool effectively however saltwater pools will feel softer and lighter. 

Chlorine pools on the other hand can lead to irritated skin. This is simply because the chlorine contains more ingredients that are more concentrated and harmful to the skin. Storing chlorine can also be a challenge. It is toxic and needs to be kept securely locked away and can also have strong odors if not stored correctly.

Your New Pool, Salt Water Pool or Not!

When installing a new pool you will have to choose between a saltwater or chlorine pool. There are three important factors to consider when making this decision. Saltwater vs Chlorine pool cost, maintenance, and health. Follow this guide to make the right choice for your home. 

Still undecided, salt water pool or not? Let the team at BPS, The Backyard Pool Specialists help you. Get in touch with us today for information and to get a free quote if you would like to start building your dream backyard pool.

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