5 Reasons Why Pool Chemistry is So Important

5 Reasons Why Pool Chemistry is So Important

How many pool owners can honestly say they do not love their pool? Not many; however, there are times when homeowners do say it, especially when things are just not going right. This is why maintaining the proper pool chemistry is vital.

Keeping the chemicals properly balanced and performing regular tests may seem like a hassle, but it is really not when done regularly. After all, it will take away the love-hate relationship you have with your pool.

Keeping balanced pool chemistry is the most critical part of owning a pool.

Here are five reasons why maintaining proper pool chemistry is so important.

1. Stop Algae Growth

Since you have continued to read this article, you must be a pool owner who loves to hang by the pool, either by yourself or with friends and family. As pool owners, many of us have looked forward to that wonderful day by the pool only to find the water is cloudy and green as well as perhaps having green-black sludge across it.

That whispy ugly sludge is called algae, and it’s one of the side effects of bad pool chemistry. Not only is it unattractive, but it can also cause the bottom of the pool to be quite slippery.

Algae affects inground concrete pools the most. It is vital to maintain the correct chemical balance to stop algae in its tracks.

2. Easy on the Skin

Improper pH levels can be irritating to the skin.

If your pH level is not within the recommended levels, you may notice dryness or skin irritation after you leave the water.

In some cases, it can cause a rash for those with sensitive skin. For these reasons, it is essential to check your pool’s pH level regularly and increase or decrease the chemicals to reach the appropriate level.

3. Easy on the Eyes

Have you planned a nice gathering with friends and family poolside? How embarrassing, you have a green pool.

With proper maintenance and the proper chemical treatment, you can avoid that sickly green color. Its time to sparkle just like your sparkling water, invite everyone over. The brighter, clearer, fesher and healthier your water is, the more pool parties you can throw!

Not only is proper pool chemistry easy on the eyes figuratively, but it’s also easy on the eyes literally. In the same way improper pH balance damages skin, it can also damage your eyes. It can cause itchiness and irritation, which can lead to eye infections!

Keep your eyes safe with the proper pool chemistry.

4. Remove Harmful Metals

Over time, trace amounts of metal enter your pool. These include things like manganese, copper, and iron!

Metal in the water leads to green water and stained liner, to name just a few things. It can enter a swimmer’s body on the worse end of the spectrum, which is downright toxic. Proper pool chemistry will remove the metals from the water, leaving you with clean, toxin-free water to swim in.

5. Increase Your Pool’s Longevity

Finally, pool chemistry is vital in keeping your pool up-and-running for years to come.

Improper chemical balances mean damage to the pool’s liner, accessories, and the pool’s structure itself. Acidic water chews away at the pool over time, weakening it in every imaginable way. If you want your pool to last, you need to consider its chemistry.

The Importance of Pool Chemistry

Keeping up the proper pool chemistry may seem complex and time-consuming, but it’s of crucial importance. Without adequately maintained pool chemistry, you’re setting yourself up for the problems highlighted above and further issues, too! So, don’t delay — take care of your pool’s chemistry today.

If you want to take the busywork out of maintaining the proper pool chemistry, see what BPS Pools, The Backyard Pool Specialists can do for you. We’ll keep your pool crystal clear and balanced so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your family and friends poolside.