Polarizing Pool Pergola Ideas

Polarizing Pool Pergola Ideas

Polarizing Pool Pergola Ideas

Does your backyard pool area lack shade or a creative ambiance? If so, a traditional or modern pergola might be your ideal solution.

These attractive structures can help block some of the sun’s powerful rays – and spruce up your backyard pool at the same time! But, the different ways that you can use these outdoor garden features are unlimited – and every homeowner has their own personal taste and style. 

In this guide, we’ll walk you through a wide variety of pool pergola ideas with something for every budget and design inspiration. Keep reading for a few fun and creative suggestions!

Over Pool Pergola Ideas

Building a shade structure over all or part of your pool is a great way to shield sensitive skin and get more hours of enjoyment out of warm, sunny afternoons.

If you’re only planning to cover part of your pool, be sure that it’s the shallow end – that way, you can swim in comfort during the day’s hottest hours. This is also ideal for families with children who aren’t old enough for the deep end yet and to keep their sensitive skin away from too much sun.

Poolside Pergola Ideas

If you’d rather shade an area adjacent to your pool, building a pergola alongside it might be your best bet. Adding this feature instantly creates an area suitable for outdoor entertaining, allowing you to add furniture – or even an outdoor kitchen!

Creating more liveable square footage in your backyard is a great way to add value to your home – and your family will likely use its new lounge area all summer long!

Upgrade Your Pool With a Pergola and Firepit

Have you ever considered adding a fire feature to your backyard? Whether you’d rather have a rustic fire ring or an ultra-modern centerpiece for your outdoor entertaining area, this is one pergola idea that’s guaranteed to get noticed. And, placing it under a pergola helps the area transition from day to night use.

For an even more intimate backyard area, train vines or other creeping plants to grow on your pergola structure’s surfaces. 

Polarizing Pool Pergola Ideas

Place Your Pool’s Pergola Over a Waterfall

Water features can also add instant appeal to your backyard pool, especially if they’re protected from the sun. Add a few ferns or palms, and voila – you have a calming outdoor oasis, complete with the sound of flowing water. 

If you have space to spare, you can also add a spa, with your water feature separating it from the rest of your pool. This will create even more space for your guests to swim and relax.

Note that pergolas are typically open at the top; however, they can have solid roofs. So, for beautiful nights, build it open, sit back, unwind, relax around the fire pit or next to the waterfall with a cocktail in hand and enjoy the beautiful stars above.

Professional and Modern Pergola Installation

With these pool pergola ideas in mind, it’s time to let your inspiration come to life! And, with summer right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to have one installed.

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