Newest Swimming Pool Color Trends 

Newest Swimming Pool Color Trends 

Ways To Achieve the Newest Swimming Pool Color Trends 

Have you thought about buying an in-ground pool? Or are you going to renovate your existing swimming pool?

Whether you want to renovate your pool or build one, color is always a significant factor. 

As the backyard layout is vital when considering the pool’s shape and size, color is another key element to consider.

Let us show you the latest pool color trends and how to apply them.

The Pools Water Color

The inside surface of the inground swimming pool will determine the pool’s water color. You may be surprised that the pool’s depth, weather and water movement can make the water appear darker and lighter. 

If you are trying to create a tropical ambiance, consider the water that appears green. To achieve this, select a plaster color with a green, tan, brown or black pigment. If you want a modern look, choose a finish with white, grey and blue pigments for water to appear mainly blue. Of course, the darker the finish, the darker the pool’s water will be. 

On the flip side, we mentioned pool depth and weather, which are factors you must consider. For example, deeper pools will make the water appear darker. In addition, the water will look different on bright sunny days than on cloudy overcast days. However, this is only a temporary change. On the other hand, backyards with heavily shaded areas will make the water appear darker.

Lastly, the movement of the water will affect its color. First, cloudy water will not reflect light as crystal clear water does; the water will lose its vibrancy. Second, pools with fountains and waterfalls appear more vivid as the moving water causes light prisms. Color variations will be created as the water moves around the pool.

Color Trends to Grab Attention

For something different and unique when it comes to color, consider tile in your swimming pool. It creates a fantastic optical effect while attracting people’s attention. In addition, it can enhance the pool’s beauty while blending seamlessly with the home and backyard decor. With so many colors to choose from, you will surely give your pool a unique look with fabulous colors.

Tile is also durable; for example, ceramic tile could last for around 75 years, and glass tiles have been trending hot.

LED Pool Lighting

Pool lighting has become a hot trend and can give your pool all different colors. LED lights are the newest type, whether inside or around the pool. 

In addition to adding beautiful colors, LED lights are cost-efficient; LED lights conserve energy. Usually, incandescent lights run at 300 to 500 watts, while LEDs use around 42 watts.

Adding LED pool lighting to your pool will separate you from other pool owners and give your swimming pool a hip and trendy feel.

Newest Swimming Pool Color Trends, pool lighting

Achieve the Newest Swimming Pool Color Trends

If you want your pool to have a fantastic and fresh look, you must not forget the importance of color. Here we have only given you a brief outline when there are so many other ways to achieve a desired look and color ambiance. 

Contact BPS, The Backyard Pool Specialists, to learn much more. We will start at the beginning and guide you through everything you need to know before making your final decision regarding your new custom pool, spa or renovation.

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