Magical Pool Designs and Decor for Your Montgomery County Home

Magical Pool Designs and Decor for Your Montgomery County Home

Summer is right around the corner, and the hot weather in Texas is about to get even hotter. Do you know what that means? It’s pool season. 

The weather in Montgomery County is always great for hanging outside, but this time of the year it becomes an absolute necessity to hang by the pool. If you’re looking to have the most magical backyard on the block this summer, check out these pool design ideas.

In-Pool Ideas

Baja shelf is the perfect way to relax outside of the pool while being in the pool at the same time. The baja shelf is basically a very large top step, where you can relax on loungers without being fully submerged, or simply sit in very shallow water. 

Installing barstools inside the pool is another unique way to relax in your pool. These allow you to sit down and sip on a drink while still cooling off. Another way to incorporate seating into your pool is having a bench that runs the length of the pool. 

Why relax in the sun next to your pool when you can sunbathe right in the middle of it? What a unique idea, an island right in the middle.

There are a lot of great pool tile ideas that can make your pool look unique as well. With a large variety of pool tiles, different looks can be achieved. Brick and stone give a natural look, porcelain and glass make the water appear deeper, dark colors provide the feel of an ocean, whereas lighter colors make the pool appear more beach-like.

Magical Pool Designs and Decor for Your Montgomery County Home

Pool Landscape Ideas

One of the most important parts of the pool is how it is designed. While many people go for the traditional rectangular pool, there are plenty of unique ideas to set your pool apart. 

Pools with curved edges look unique and give your pool a tropical feel. These curves can be customized to mimic the shape of your yard or deck, or simply in a shape of your choice such as kidney shape. 

If your landscaping allows, infinity pools are some of the coolest pools on the market. Imagine leaning on the edge of your pool and gazing out at nature.

Pool Decor for Around the Pool

What goes into your pool is important, but what’s around the pool is essential for a unique pool as well. 

Adding plants around the pool is a great way to elevate the look of your pool area. A few small trees here and there will add some shade and look great.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, add a spa or sauna to your pool area. It can be in a separate area or attached to the pool so you can quickly move from cold water to hot water once the sun goes down. 

Making Your Dream Pool a Reality

Now that you have a few ideas on how to transform your backyard into a magical pool area, it’s time to make it happen.

Montgomery County Pool Builders

We’re the experts in pool design in Montgomery County. Whether you’re looking for a brand new pool or looking to update an existing one, we’re here to make it happen.