LED Pool Lights For Inground Pools

LED Pool Lights For Inground Pools

Choosing the Best LED Lights For Inground Pools

Are you someone that enjoys having a cocktail poolside with friends and diving into your swimming pool at night? If so, installing LED lights into your inground pool is a fantastic idea.

With LED pool lights, there’s no need to stop entertaining poolside or taking your nightly swims.

We have created a guide that will detail how to choose the best submersible LED pool lights. By the time you’ve finished scrolling you’re going to be ready to take the plunge and install LED pool lights.

Installation Process

When searching for the best LED pool lights, the first thing to consider is what the installation process entails. The installation can be a challenging process if you have an existing pool.

It is highly recommended to speak with a reputable inground pool company. Consider the benefits of hiring a professional. It may be in your best interest to step out of the way and let the pros handle it.

Color of the Lights

With the Hayward Pool Products line of inground pool lighting, you can choose the colors you want that will enhance the overall design aesthetic of your pool.

A few options to choose from.

Universal Color-Logic LED pool and spa lights come in a range of single colors and changing colors. They can be installed in existing pools and new custom inground pools. They set the mood and provide a fantastic ambiance whether you have just one light or more. They are bright, vivid and energy-efficient.

The Universal CrystaLogic LED pool and spa lights are constructed with all plastic and can be installed in any niche. They are energy-efficient and long-lasting.

The ColorLogic 320 & 160 LED lights are perfect as accent lighting.

LED Light Warranty Coverage

It is always recommended to protect your LED lighting purchase. There are warrantees available; however, you must make sure you purchase your product from an authorized LED lighting seller. There are extended warranties available as well.

The Brightness of The LED Light

When speaking with a professional Backyard Pool Specialist such as BPS Pools, they will make sure you get the perfect lighting for the size and shape of your pool. You do not want to have the pool filled with water only to notice the lighting is too bright where the pool lights blind swimmers.

LED Lights for Inground Pools: Dive Deeper Into Your Options

Though it may seem simple there are things to consider when you’re looking for LED lights for inground pools.

If you’re ready to jumpstart the process of adding lighting to your existing pool or have it installed in a new custom inground pool¬†contact our Backyard Pool Specialists.

We know what it takes to create an outdoor space you’re sure to love. Backyard pools are our specialty.