How To Open a Pool For The Season in Texas

How To Open a Pool For The Season in Texas

Getting Ready To Open a Pool in Texas? Your Guide Here.

Now that Old Man Winter is getting ready to retreat soon, you’re already thinking ahead to summer pool season in Texas, and you can’t wait to take a dip.

You’re not the only one who feels this way, either. Research shows that more than 8% of U.S. households have swimming pools.

The question is, what is needed to open a pool for the season? How long does it take to open a pool for the season?

If you’re wondering “how do you turn a pool on after winter,” here’s a rundown of how to open a pool for the season in the Lone Star State.

Let’s dive in (so to speak)!

What Is Needed to Open a Pool for the Season?

To open your pool for the summer, you’ll need the following chemicals:

  • Filter cleaner
  • Algaecide treatment
  • Chemicals for adjusting your water balance
  • Shock treatment
  • Chlorine for sanitizing your pool water

You will also need a test kit to check the pool’s chemistry.

How Do You Turn a Pool on After Winter?

As part of the pool opening process, you’ll first want to clean up any debris around your pool. For instance, trim any overgrown hedges and trees, and sweep away leaves nearby.

Next, you will need to remove your pool cover and inspect your pool. During this time, you should remove your pool’s winterizing plugs and reattach your pool’s underwater lights.

Also, make the necessary repairs if you see damage in your pool’s interior. You can also hire a pool service company to help repair your pool.

Afterward, you’ll need to fill your pool to the midline of your pool’s waterline tile with a hose. Then, remove debris, twigs, and leaves from your pool’s bottom area with a sturdy pool brush.

Finally, you’ll need to turn your pool filter on for 12-24 hours so that your water will circulate. Then, you should test your pool’s water and add chemicals if needed to get the water’s pH to its ideal level of 7.4-7.8. Note the chlorine levels will not remain at the proper level if the pH is off.

How Long Does It Take to Open a Pool for the Season?

Opening your pool with BPS The Backyard Pool Specialists generally will take a few hours; however, the time you can swim depends on various factors, for example, how the pool was closed.

Your opening timeline will ultimately depend on how extensive your pool’s maintenance or repair needs are.

How We Can Help You to Master How to Open a Pool for the Season

If you’re wondering how to open a pool for the season, you may ask: What is needed to open a pool for the season? How do you turn a pool on after winter? And how long does it take to open a pool for the season?

To open your pool, you must clean up debris, scrub and vacuum, fill your pool, turn on your pool filter, and test your pool’s water. All pool equipment must work at its optimal level to get the process moving quickly and maintain clear, healthy and safe swimming.

At BPS, the Backyard Pool Specialists, we’re excited to assist you in servicing and maintaining your pool. Contact us for a quote today!

In addition to pool openings, closings, cleaning and maintenance, we design and build new custom inground swimming pools, do pool remodeling, outdoor kitchens, patio covers and water features and fire features.