How To Manage a Hot Tub Attached To A Pool

How To Manage a Hot Tub Attached To A Pool

There are many benefits to having a hot tub. Soaking in warm water can relieve stress and soothe aching muscles. It also promotes heart health.

But the advantages don’t end there. A hot tub can add value to your home, especially when it’s attached to a pool. The key is ensuring that both are well-maintained.

It’s no surprise that many residential pools in Texas also have hot tubs. If you’re thinking of adding one to your pool, this article will help.

It outlines ways to manage a hot tub attached to a pool. This includes having a pool maintenance routine and ways to ensure your hot tub is always clean. Read on to find out more.

Ways to Manage a Hot Tub Attached to a Pool

Hot tub maintenance is crucial to ensuring your water is pH-balanced and clean. Failing to do this can result in increased levels of bacteria. Soaking in bacteria-infested water can cause both skin and hair infections. To avoid this, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Have a Hot Tub Maintenance Routine

Cleaning hot tubs regularly is one way to ensure your water is free of bacteria. Simply include this step in your pool maintenance routine.

You can start by removing leaves and debris from the water. However, to remove any scum build-up, it’s best to use a cleaner to wipe the tub’s surfaces and jets. It’s also important that you thoroughly clean your spa filters.

2. Maintain the Chemical Balance of Your Hot Tub

There are many types of hot tubs available on the market. To manage a hot tub, maintaining the chemical balance is the same, regardless of your chosen design. It’s similar to maintaining your pool’s chemical balance.

You’ll first need to test your water’s pH and alkalinity levels. The goal is to have a value between 7.4 and 7.6. Anything above or below this can destroy your tub or cloud your water.

3. Ensure Optimum Levels of Water Circulation

Water circulation at an optimum level effectively disperses chemicals throughout the water. It also helps to keep contaminants from staying in the water. Constant water movement helps pass them out through your hot tub’s filters.

You should circulate the water at least twice daily for 15 to 20 minutes. This ensures the water passes through the filters several times and expels any unwanted materials from the water. Running your hot tub regularly helps to keep it clean.

Getting the Best Out of Your Swimming Pool Design

A pool requires a substantial investment. When you decide to install one, you want to ensure you get a swimming pool design you love and can enjoy.

Many homeowners choose to make the best of two worlds. They incorporate a hot tub into their swimming pool design. This allows them to use their pool and benefit from soaking in their tub.

Managing a hot tub attached to a pool allows you to enjoy this beautiful design. Want to ensure you get both your design and maintenance right? Start by hiring an experienced pool company.

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