How To Fix a Leaking Pool Waterfall

How To Fix a Leaking Pool Waterfall

How To Fix a Leaking Pool Waterfall

Have you thought about having a new custom inground pool built in your backyard, perhaps with a waterfall?

If a waterfall feature sounds like a great idea, awesome!

Do you have an existing pool with a waterfall?

Whether you have a waterfall or would like to have one built, consider a few things. One may be that of it leaking. If this is the case, you may wonder how to fix a leaking pool waterfall. There can be several reasons for a leak: in the plumbing, within the stones masonry or others.

Repairing it yourself may not be the best option if you are not handy at masonry and plumbing. It’s most often best to leave it up to a professional. 

If you’re searching for a pool waterfall repair service near you, look no further. We can repair your leaking pool waterfall and keep it running smoothly. However, below we provide you with a handy guide as to what to do to fix a leaking pool waterfall.

Pool Waterfall Leaking vs. Pool Leaking

Is my pool waterfall leaking, or is it my pool? There are a few different signs, then testing in various ways will need to be done.

The first sign of a leak within a pool might be the water level. Loss of water is normal, and it depends on the temperature of the water and more; however, if you notice an increase in water loss that is abnormal, there may be a leak.

If you suspect your pool leaks, try the bucket test. Place a bucket next to your pool, and then fill the bucket with water. Remember to mark the waterline on the bucket. Then mark your pool’s waterline. Wait between 1 to 3 days before checking your pool’s waterline and bucket again. If your pool has lost more water than what’s inside the bucket, you may most likely have a leak.

If you think the leak is coming from the pool waterfall, there can be other signs. Is the ground wet? Water can be dripping from the backend of the stone waterfall foundation. Does the water seem to go down quickly while you have the waterfall running? If so, it can be a leak within the waterfall plumbing lines.

How to Fix a Leaking Pool Waterfall 

A leak coming from within the material between the stones of the waterfall might be a problem for your swimming pool plans; however, a plumbing leak may be worse. We are here to give you some advice about pool waterfall repair. 

Rock waterfalls are often made from a mixture of materials, like cement, sand, water, and gravel. When repairing a rock waterfall, allow the material time to dry. Then spray off the mixture with a hose. You will have to run the waterfall first to see if you can find where the leak is. It may be tricky since water is trickling down in most areas of the waterfall anyway.

Try rearranging rocks and removing planters to understand better where the potential leak is coming from. Of course, there are some leaks you might be able to take care of yourself. But, most often, hiring a professional to handle common pool problems is well worth your time and frustrations, especially when the leak is still there.

Now, you have checked the stone waterfall itself and to no avail cannot find a leak so, is the pool waterfall leak coming from the plumbing below the ground or perhaps at the equipment pad? In this case, I think it’s time to call for professional help.

A professional has the right tools and will know how to find the leak and repair your pool waterfall so you can get back to the fun. A reputable pool builder and pool maintenance company such as BPS, The Backyard Pool Specialists can do the job quickly, leaving the entire waterfall structure intact.

The Takeaway of Fixing a Pool Waterfall 

Adding a pool waterfall to your inground swimming pool is a great idea. But remember, as, with any feature, there can always be issues.

We hope you have gained some knowledge reading this article, How to Fix a Leaking Pool Waterfall.

But always keep in mind there are a few things to remember when fixing a pool waterfall. First, don’t try to tackle more than you can. Second, and for both time and cost, it may be in your best interest to hire a professional to do the work for you.

Contact BPS The Backyard Pool Specialists if you have a pool or pool waterfall leak that needs immediate attention.