Guide to Solving Pool Plumbing Problems

Guide to Solving Pool Plumbing Problems

Pool Plumbing Problems Solved

10.4 million residential homes have pools in their backyards. And while this is a wonderful feature for any home, it doesn’t mean that you’re free from all pool plumbing problems.

On top of leaks, there are several other issues you might encounter when you have a pool, but we’re here to help. Below you’re going to find a brief guide that will help you solve plumbing issues you could run into when you have a pool.

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Gather Your Supplies

The first thing you need to do before you can repair any plumbing issues is gathering your in-ground pool plumbing supplies. There are several kits online that you can purchase that will have all the supplies in them to repair your pool.

In most cases, you will need adhesive to fix leaks, and in severe cases, you will need piping to replace the existing pipes. With that in mind, it’s time to detail how you can fix the most common in-ground pool plumbing issues that occur.

Leaking Pumps

When it comes to the pumps that are used in your pool, there are two types you can use. Unfortunately, regardless of the pump, you use there might be times where a leak occurs.

Reasons for a link could include:

  • Deteriorated pump lid
  • Drain plug pushing water out

This occurs because of the pressure that is coming down on the pump, not to mention the amount of water that flows through. If you’re experiencing a leak, it’s best to have a professional come and look at it to assess the damage and make the necessary repairs.

Dirty Filter

We all have forgotten once or twice to clean the filter in the pool, but not cleaning the filter can lead to major pool problems. The way to tell if your filter is dirty is by simply looking at the water in the pool.

A dirty filter will cause the water to become cloud or appear murky. The best way to solve this problem is to clean your pool’s filter system and piping routinely. Ensure that you completely turn the pool off before you clean the strainer or filter out.

Air Trapped in the Pump Basket

It’s not uncommon for air to become trapped in the pump basket of your pool. It can occur because the pump lid isn’t on properly or a dirty lid preventing the lid from being sealed.

When air gets into your pump basket, it can cause an array of issues like overheating or cause the pump to melt.

If you determine an issue, call an expert, they can move forward with performing pool maintenance to ensure your pool is in the proper condition for people to use.

Pool Plumbing Problems and Solutions

Above, we’ve listed some pool plumbing problems and the solutions you can use to solve them. When it comes to leaks or clogged pipes, sometimes the answer is as simple as cleaning the pool on a schedule.

If you need help having a new inground custom pool built, an existing renovated and or remodeled, or are in need of pool maintenancecontact Backyard Pool Specialists. We know what it takes to create an outside oasis that you and our family would love to relax beside.