Guide: Emergency Swimming Pool Service and Care

Guide: Emergency Swimming Pool Service and Care

Emergency Swimming Pool Service and Care

Did you know that the average cost of maintaining a swimming pool can cost homeowners anywhere from $4,000 to $12,000 every year?

If you don’t keep up with maintaining your pool the odds of needing emergency swimming pool service is high. Not paying attention to when your pool needs care can result in damage to your pool and can end up being quite costly for emergency swimming pool service repair.

Are you interested in learning about the warning signs of your pool that will show if you need an emergency repair? We’ve created this quick guide to help you get a better understanding of what to pay attention to. Keep reading to learn more about a few potential problems!

Cracks in The Pools Foundation

Do you see cracks developing in the walls of your pool?

Structural Cracks

If there are cracks in your pool’s walls, it can be a sign that you have a problem that requires the immediate attention of a pool professional. When cracks start to develop in your pool’s walls, it could mean that your pool is leaking water. Left untreated for too long, the leaking water can weaken the soil surrounding your pool, which could compromise the entire pool structure’s structural integrity.

Surface Cracks

Not all cracks mean the pool is leaking. As the pool is curing during the first shot of gunite or shotcrete, shallow cracks known as shrinkage cracks are normal.

Pool Heater Problems

If your swimming pool water is cold and not getting to your optimum temperature, there are several pool heater problems to consider. In order to troubleshoot it will depend on which type of heater you have such as a gas heater vs. a heat pump.

Below we list a few pool heater problems for each with a few easy fixes to look for. However, if you are having that huge pool party this weekend, you might want to consider calling a pool professional for emergency swimming pool service and care.

Gas Heater

If you have a gas heater, you will need to check the pilot light and see if it will ignite. If the pilot light does not ignite, there could be insufficient air supply or inadequate venting, causing low gas pressure.

Check the thermostat to make sure it is in the right setting.

Dirty filters, closed valves and reversed water connections can cause a water flow issue that can cause heating issues.

If the heater is leaking, the heat exchanger may be damaged due to chemicals over time. This can cause the heater to leak, resulting in heat loss.

Heat Pump

Although pool heat pumps are known for their reliability and require less maintenance than gas pool heaters, they can malfunction.

First, to heat the way you want, the outside air temperature needs to be above 50 degrees. Heating between 50 to 70 degrees will be slower than heating between 70 to 90 degrees.

The length of time the heat pump runs is vital because it needs sufficient time to heat the pool water.

The pool water level must be correct. If the water flow is slow, the heat pump will not turn on.

Heat pumps need a sufficient amount of airflow, so coils do not become clogged. Ensure there is optimum airflow around the pump by removing trees, shrubs, walls, and fences that are too close.

Cloudy Water

Have you found that your pool water is cloudy or dirty, even though you’re filtering it consistently? You may have an algae problem, which at times can be very hard and frustrating to get rid of. The solution is to administer the right chemicals and to keep the water chemistry balanced at all times.

Understanding When to Hire Emergency Swimming Pool Service

This list above is just a few common signs that your pool may require emergency swimming pool services.

Our Backyard Pools Specialists are here to help you with your emergency service and care. Let us take your frustrations away and potentially save you a greater out of pocket expense when a minor problem turns into a major problem.

Do you need emergency swimming pool service and care? We are here to help you. Click here to contact us today! We are just an email or phone call away!

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