COVID and Swimming Pools | Risk & Transmission

COVID and Swimming Pools | Risk & Transmission

COVID Risk In Pools

The year 2020 has undoubtedly been different. A year many of us will never forget. As many small businesses have closed and people are staying home, new custom inground pool construction with all the backyard amenities has grown drastically.

While we are building our new outdoor living spaces to relax, unwind, and enjoy during this unprecedented time, the thought of COVID still lingers on our minds. As we continue to do the necessities in life, such as food shopping and an occasional out on the town, we take the necessary precautions to be free of this virus.

By staying home and building our new outdoor living spaces, we may still be inviting friends and family over. So, as we all take a big dip into our new swimming pool, we ask ourselves, “are pools safe during COVID?

Are swimming pools safe during COVID?

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is no evidence that the Coronavirus spreads through swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs. Unlike bacteria, which can survive in water, viruses do not survive in water and air if adequately cleaned and sanitized.

Does chlorinated pool water kill the coronavirus?

The disinfectants used in pools such as bromine, chlorine and the use of salt generators that convert salt into chlorine should inactivate, in other terms, kill the virus. It has not been 100% confirmed, however, they feel that because chlorinated pools kill other viruses, it is likely to kill COVID as well.

Therefore, it is crucial to clean and maintain your pool’s water properly, so it is safe. But, this should always be done, whether the threat of COVID is around or not.

The concern is not in the pool water. It is the transmission from person to person. The close contact with people while swimming, entertaining on the decking, and eating in the outdoor kitchen areas are where you are at risk.

To be safe from COVID, you must apply the same rules in your backyard as you would do elsewhere, social distance and maintain proper hand hygiene.  

How To Lower Your Risk of COVID

We hope you are enjoying your new pool. You finally have the backyard of your dreams. But as we all agree, this year has been like no other. Let’s hope 2021 get back to normal.

Now let’s discuss a few ways to stay safe and lower your risk of the coronavirus while enjoying your new backyard.

  • Limit the use of your outdoor space to household members
  • Do not host large gatherings and pool parties.
  • Maintain your pool’s chlorine by checking the levels twice a day (remember inadequate levels of ph and the sun can have a drastic effect on chlorine)
  • Sanitize and disinfect other hard surfaces in the outdoor kitchen area and other tables and handrails in the outdoor space.

The Next Step

We hope this article was helpful. We care about everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

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