Change Depth and Shape of Pool: What's Involved

Change Depth and Shape of Pool: What’s Involved

Can I Change Depth and Shape of Swimming Pool?

If you find yourself asking “Can I change the depth and shape of my swimming pool?” you’ll be happy to hear that the answer is yes. It’s possible to change the depth and shape of your swimming pool without starting all over. 

Many homeowners have backyard pools that they love. However, sometimes they aren’t as big or as deep as desired for optimum family fun. That’s where renovations come in, and many people do choose to renovate their pools in one way or another.

Can you change the shape of an existing pool? Certainly. If you want your pool to be bigger, longer, rounder, or some sort of unique space, a professional pool design company can help you with that goal. 

Can you change the depth of a pool? This is also possible. In most cases, people who wish to change the depth of their pool wish that their existing pool was deeper, but a pool can be converted to a shallower version as well.

If you want to know more about changing the depth and shape of an existing pool, read on. It may be easier than you think. 

Changing a Pool’s Shape

Some people wish their backyard pool was larger; others wish it was smaller. Some homeowners want their pool to be a specialized or personalized shape to match their home and personality. Sometimes, people want to know how to fill in the deep end of a swimming pool. All of the above pool remodeling options are possible. 

If you’re wondering how to reduce the size of a swimming pool or make your swimming pool bigger, the process in either direction is actually quite simple.

The pool company will drain your pool so they can work on it. Then, they will remove the old inground pool walls and new walls will be built. If you are making your pool smaller, clean fill with take the place of the space you no longer wish you use. You’ll be able to grow grass on it easily.

If you want a larger pool, new concrete will be poured to create new walls. This concrete will match your existing concrete; you won’t have to worry about pool leaks. 

Changing a Pool’s Depth

“What can I do if my pool is too deep?” is a question asked by many homeowners. Believe it or not, you can keep your existing pool and make it shallower. You can also make it deeper if you prefer. Making a pool shallower is a faster and easier process, but both options are possible.

The pool company will drain your pool to adjust the depth. To make a pool shallower or deeper, workers will first remove the bottom either with machinery or by hand. Then, they’ll add or remove fill to reach the desired depth. A new bottom will replace the old one and will be made to match perfectly.

If you have a pool that is deep at one end and shallow at the other, these depths can be evened out as well. Long ago, most pools included a deeper end, but this is less common today.

The Depth and Shape of Your Swimming Pool Is Up to You

Many homeowners believe that they are stuck with the depth and shape of their swimming pool and they just have to be happy with what they have. This is not at all the case; you can change it to meet your needs and desires, and really without much difficulty. 

If you are thinking about renovating your pool, please give us a call today. We’d love to meet with you to discuss your options and to help you create the swimming pool of your dreams.