Buying a House With a Pool vs. One Without a Pool

Buying a House With a Pool vs. One Without a Pool

Do I Want a Pool in My New Real Estate Transaction

In the US, 17.12% of people aged 18 to 29 own a pool, hot tub, or spa. Do you fall into this category? Or perhaps not, but are you still wondering whether buying a house with a pool vs. one without a pool is right for you?

A pool is considered by many to be one of the best upgrades a home can have. It’s a great place to relax, entertain guests, or exercise, especially in areas with warm summers like Texas. If you’re thinking of moving, you might be trying to decide if you should buy a home that has a pool.

This guide will cover the benefits and considerations of buying a house with a pool so you can make the right decision.

Cool Off and Relax in the Heat

There are plenty of pool options for homes, so you should consider how you intend to use yours. For many people, the main reason to have a pool is that it’s ideal for relaxing on hot days. Summers in Texas can be long and hot, so having a pool you can cool off in whenever you want can be perfect.

Entertain Guests

There are various swimming pools available so you may be interested in something specific. Some are more suited for relaxing, while others are more geared towards exercise, but any pool can be great for entertaining guests.

Plenty of swimming pool features can be added, depending on what you’re after. This includes things like slides, diving boards, waterfalls, and more. Your outdoor space will likely be much nicer with a pool you, your family and your friends can enjoy.

No More Public Pools

Public pools can be fun, but ultimately, everyone would rather have their private pool. This is especially true for adults, so when it comes to buying a house, this could be a considerable factor for you.

Building a pool can involve a lot of work and requires enough suitable space in a backyard, so this isn’t viable in all homes. When moving to a new house, you can go for one that already has a pool, eliminating any worries.

Consider if There’s a Property You’ve Fallen For

This could be a good or a bad thing. You might view a home and ultimately fall in love with it immediately. If the home already has a pool, then it may be perfect.

It’s possible, however, that you’ll fall in love with a home that doesn’t have a pool. You’ll either need to build one or settle for not having one. This is simply a decision that you may have to make if the situation arises.

Check the Condition and Arrange an Inspection

It would be best if you didn’t get too excited when you find a lovely home with a pool, as you’ll want to check its condition first. The previous owner should have conducted regular pool maintenance; if they haven’t, you may be sorry as you can be stuck with a huge costly mess.

You should also have a professional perform an inspection. They might spot something you would overlook, so you can be confident that a pool is in good shape if they approve it.

Is Buying a House With a Pool the Right Choice for You?

Buying a house with a pool might be the right choice, depending on what you’re after. However, if you want a pool, you might not need to move. At BPS Pools, The Backyard Pool Specialists, we can design and customize them to fit perfectly within your backyard and meet your needs and lifestyle. So, what are you waiting for? Let us start building your perfect pool or remodeling and renovating the existing one.

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