5 Best Pool Fitness Trackers and Swimming Apps

5 Best Pool Fitness Trackers and Swimming Apps

Pool Fitness Trackers and Swimming Apps To Consider

Pool fitness trackers and swimming apps, the hot new trend for swimmers into fitness.

Whether you’re preparing for a triathlon, recovering from a twisted ankle, or looking to stay in shape, swimming is a great way to exercise. Besides allowing you to work out without putting pressure on your joints, swimming is a sport that uses your whole body

However, if you’re new to the sport, you may be unsure how to track your progress in the pool. After all, fitness trackers can’t go underwater with you. 

Or can they?

Join us as we look for the best pool fitness trackers and swimming apps on the market.

Wearable Pool Fitness Trackers

Wearable trackers put the power at your fingertips. (Or on your wrist, more accurately.)

With a variety of features and intense waterproofing, these models were made to withstand your toughest workout.

FORM Swim Goggles

One of the most advanced fitness trackers on the market, FORM Swim Goggles, displays your splits, stroke rate, and heart rate. All in front of your eyes! 

While there is a definite learning curve (and price tag) on this fitness tracker, the accuracy of the display is hard to beat.

Garmin Swim 2

Built for swimming, this handy tracker can even conform to freeform pools.

By uploading your workout wirelessly, the Garmin Swim 2 also allows you to review your stats without fuss. This means less time struggling to set up and more time fulfilling your pool fitness goals.

Finally, the Garmin Swim’s self-change battery makes it a cheaper option than more advanced fitness trackers.

Apple Watch

Though the price tag of Apple products can shock even the biggest spender, the reliability of an Apple Watch can’t be beaten.

Waterproof up to 50 meters and fitted with its own pool fitness app, apple watches have everything you need. And they can also host third-party apps, making it easy to shop around for the fitness app that best fits your goals.

Pool Fitness Tracker Apps

Your one-stop-shop for swimming, apps for fitness can help you manage your pool fitness goals and grow over time.


An all-in-one tracker and trainer, the MySwimPro app customizes your workout based on your personal data. 

The app is also compatible with wearable devices, making it easy to plan workouts or exercise on the fly. 

The main draw of this fitness app, though, is its coaching platform, which gives you the option to speak with professional swim coaches.

But all this convenience comes with a price: $19.99 for users and $179.99 for a combination of swimming and dry land coaching.


Like many apps for fitness, GoSwim is designed to hold you accountable for your goals. Unlike MySwimPro, though, this app acts as more of a guide than a coach by providing you a range of video courses. This can make it a great option for people looking to improve their stroke form.

While this fitness app is free to install, subscribing allows you to engage with swimming coaches through personalized videos.

Take the Dive

Now that you know the best pool fitness trackers and swimming apps on the market, all you need is a pool and some goggles!

Take the dive and contact the Backyard Pool Specialists to learn more about how to make your pool the ideal fitness center for you.