6 Reasons Why Fall Is a Great Time to Remodel Your Texas Pool

6 Reasons Why Fall Is a Great Time to Remodel Your Texas Pool

Considering Remodeling Your Texas Pool? See Why The Fall Is a Great Time

Fall’s one of the most beautiful seasons in Texas, with mild temperatures and pleasant sunny days.

It’s also one of the best times to turn your thoughts towards planning a gorgeous backyard oasis to enjoy during the hot summer months. 

Here’s why you should consider remodeling your existing pool or building a new custom one during the fall in Texas. 

1. It’s the Quiet Season for Pool Contractors

Often, pool refurbishment and construction are the last things on people’s minds during the fall. This means that pool contractors have plenty of time to spare. 

This means they’ll start work on remodeling your swimming pool much sooner than during the busy spring and summer months.

2. Availability of High-Quality Materials

Since fewer pools are in construction at this time, contractors have no problem getting their hands on the raw materials they need to build your pool.

You’ll also get better prices on these materials during the slow season, so you can afford more luxurious finishes and extras for your pool. 

3. Extra Time

There’s no rush when you remodel your pool in the fall. Your contractor’s bound to finish the work in plenty of time for any summer celebrations you have planned.

You’ll also experience a lot less stress if they encounter any unforeseen hiccups during the process. 

4. You’ll Save Money

Apart from saving on the materials needed to build your pool, many contractors offer seasonal discounts at this time of year.

They’ll also be far more open to negotiations on price during the quiet season.

Most homeowners want a pool deck, patio, hot tub, or other extras to add appeal to their outdoor spaces.

When you get the cost of your pool refurbishment out of the way at the beginning of fall, you’ve got plenty of time to budget for extras in time for the summer.

5. Recovery Time

A pool refurbishment’s bound to disrupt your existing garden thanks to the machinery and digging involved. 

Refurbishing your pool during the dormant fall season means your garden should recover in time for summer.

You can also use this opportunity to plan and implement new plantings and landscaping for your summer garden. The spring growing season will take care of the rest.  

6. Great Weather

The mild fall weather means that rainy days and inclement weather won’t disrupt the progress on your pool refurbishment.

On average, Texas only experiences about 8 days of rainfall during October. This amounts to just four inches of precipitation for the month. 

You also won’t have to sweat it out in the extreme Texas heat while working on your new garden layout. 

Start Working on Plans to Remodel Your Pool This Fall

The first step when you plan to remodel your pool in Texas is getting in touch with an experienced pool remodeling company.

At BPS Pools, our team has over 100 years of combined experience when it comes to designing, refurbishing, and building pools.

Get in touch right away so we can help ensure the pool of your dreams is up and running before summer rolls around. 

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