5 Signs That It's Time for Pool Remodeling

5 Signs That It’s Time for Pool Remodeling

Time For Pool Remodeling?

When you own a pool, it provides huge value to your household. However, you need to do your best to always keep it looking and functioning as good as new. Installing a new pool today from scratch will easily cost you more than $20,000, so getting a remodel instead can prolong the life of your current pool at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. But how do you know when it’s time for a remodel? Check out the points in this article to learn more about pool remodeling and when you should begin considering it.

How Do I Know I Need Pool Remodeling?

There are always signs that your pool needs a little bit of TLC. Take the time to test and inspect your pool frequently so you can stay on top of its maintenance. From there, use the signs below as a rule of thumb on when you should be thinking about a remodel.

1. There Are Cracks and Other Structural Damage

Cracks are never a good sign for your pool — especially if they are deep in the walls or foundation. This becomes a cause for concern since this is both structural and cosmetic damage. The pool won’t last for too much longer if these cracks begin to deepen, so it would be best to call up a pool contractor who can begin discussing options to overhaul it.

2. The Design of the Pool is Outdated

It’s especially important to get a remodel of the current design of your pool is passe. How modern your pool design is dictates whether it will be a property value builder or an eyesore if you were to list it on the market. Giving your pool a facelift and some much-needed modernization could be the best thing for it.

3. It Has Become an Eyesore

When a pool has been neglected or is just flat-out old, it can definitely start to become an eyesore. Be mindful of how badly it is cracked and faded, whether it has plants growing out of it, or just doesn’t have the same aesthetic qualities that it once did. A pool remodel is easily the best solution for making an old pool look new.

4. The Pool Isn’t as Safe as It Can Be

You should always be thinking safety first with your pool, and that can only happen when the design allows for it. Upgrading your pool with a remodel also lets you add new safety features that can save lives. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable entertaining friends and family and having your kids use it all summer.

5. You’re Always Having to Get it Fixed

It’s also to consider whether or not you are always getting repairs for your swimming pool. If the answer is yes, this could very much be a tell-tale sign that your pool requires a facelift and some deep overhauls. A professional pool builder who is experts in pool remodeling can change out all of the parts for brand new ones so that you can trust in the pool and lower your repair bills long-term.

Reach Out to a Pool Contractor That Can Help

With these points in mind, there’s a lot of value to be found when you remodel your swimming pool. Pay close attention to these warning signs so that you know when it’s time. Let us help you with your pool remodeling needs. Our company brings a combined 65 years of experience to every project.

It’s Time For Pool Remodeling!

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