5 Best Pool Upgrades Ideas

5 Best Pool Upgrades For a More Efficient Pool

Best Pool Upgrade Ideas For a More Efficient Pool Maintenance (and Less Stress)

Are you tired of the constant pool maintenance hassle? It’s tiring, and it’s exhausting. Think changing all those filters – practically every week – is a real hassle? Have you considered swimming pool upgrades?

Are you tired of making sure your chlorine levels are okay?

Are you going back and forth between your pool water pump and skimmer, trying to make the water sparkle again?

Do you want more free time for yourself instead of spending it on endless pool chores every day before evening comes by?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then here are some great ideas that may help you upgrade your current backyard swimming pool setup.

Take a look at these five pool upgrades to see a few helpful ways that will not only help reduce all those time-consuming tasks but also improve your swimming pool experience altogether.

1. Get rid of the old water pump and buy a variable speed pump

Swimming pools built before the 90s were designed to be run with 1-speed pumps, but new technology offers us much more than that! The new Variable Speed Pumps (VSP) offers much more than just automated water flow control features.

Variable speed pumps are an investment with today’s technologies at our disposal; however, you will enjoy much better water flow and clarity, making it well worth the money. The best part is that you can now independently control your pool’s circulation speeds depending on your needs: water features, waterfall, swimming areas and more.

You’ll love the convenience of having your own remote control at hand, which will enable you to quickly change things up when needed because let’s face it – who wants to come home after a long day only to spend their evening changing all those filters? With this new personal technology at its disposal, there is no longer any reason for such a hassle.

2. Get rid of the old and buy new pool lights

Traditional swimming pools outfitted with one or two underwater light fixtures embedded in their shallow end and a few more on the steps and walkways were quite convenient. But these days, we can get far better, more versatile lighting systems for our outdoor oasis called swimming pools built to fit all your needs!

Modern pool owners don’t have to be limited by such traditional standards. Nowadays, LED technology offers us new designs and much more practical options at competitive prices that will allow you to change your mood like never before.

With different colors, you can create a unique ambiance quickly through an automated color option. Having LED pool lights is just another way to make your pool experience more enjoyable, whether you are hosting a party or swimming with the family. When considering pool upgrades, lighting should be at the top of the list.

3. Get rid of the old paradigms and build yourself an in-ground spa

Think about this for a second: if you already own an impressive backyard swimming pool oasis that is used practically year-round, then why not go one step further and add an in-ground spa? This will indeed provide your friends and family with endless relaxation and fun all summer long!

There are so many options on the market today for pre-fabricated spas that are ready to be installed, but don’t stop there! Think bigger! Instead of settling for the standard models, why not custom it so that it fits perfectly into your backyard?

4. Get rid of those filters and upgrade to sand-based filter systems

A sand-based filter system is without a doubt one of the best pool upgrades you could make when it comes to improving the filtration process in any type of pool. Whether for an inground or above ground setup, sand filters are here to stay, and that’s because they provide unparalleled filtration capabilities at very competitive prices.

Sand filters work by having sand granules – usually 1-1/2 inch in size – immersed into the pool water, which is constantly filtered through a pump. The sand granules attract and trap dirt particles as they travel through them, leaving you with a cleaner pool.

5. Get rid of those black algae stains and install a UV sterilizer!

Algae formation on swimming pool surfaces is not only an eyesore but can also be dangerous given that some varieties develop particularly potent toxins that endanger your health when inhaled In order to reduce algae buildup, many new technologies have been developed to help eliminate this problem from the onset such as UV sterilizers for example.   

Ultraviolet light released from these devices helps kill microscopic organisms responsible for producing algae before they cause an outbreak or ruin your swim experience. Some models are even equipped with computers that allow you to manage the whole operation remotely.

For More Information on Pool Upgrades

So there you have it, folks! This is just a small list of pool upgrades you can implement on your current pool or construct with your new inground custom pool.

These options along with many others will turn your “backyard oasis” into an absolutely first-class swimming paradise!

With help from a professional pool construction company like BPS Pools, The Backyard Pool Specialists you will have an incredible backyard pool and outdoor living space like no other. Get in touch today for your free consultation with absolutely no obligation.