4 Kid-Friendly Pool Games

4 Kid-Friendly Pool Games

4 Kid-Friendly Home Pool Games to Try

Games are an excellent way for children to bond with their parents while learning essential life skills and how to be a team player.

This article outlines four affordable home pool games to help the kids stay healthy and have fun while allowing the adults to join in on the fun.

Pools are a built-in source of endless entertainment. They are a great way to bring your friends and family together for outdoor fun. You’ll bond and enjoy yourselves while staying active and fit. Pool games are also an effective way for children to learn teamwork and gain skills in social interaction.

Here are four affordable, easy-to-set-up pool leisure activities to spice up your family time.

1. Water Basketball

Also known as splashketball, water basketball is a competitive pool sport. It’s the go-to home pool game for large families because it accommodates several people at once. First, you divide yourselves into five-member teams. Then, each player gets a chance to shoot a specially made pool basketball into a goal when their team gains access to the ball.

The goal, in this case, is a floating basket hoop designed for this game. The team that shoots the most baskets wins. Put two basket hoops on each end of the pool and create two teams to make it more challenging. So you can have an actual water basketball match.

Every shot made successfully during the match counts as a point. If a player makes a clean shot- getting the ball through the hoop without hitting its sides or passing it to a teammate first- their team gets two points. The team that reaches twenty-one points first wins.

4 Kid-Friendly Pool Games, water basketball

2. Bucket Ball

Bucket ball requires a floating hoop similar to the one used for water basketball. Some people prefer having several hoops positioned at different sections of the pool. People compete to get as many floating bean bags as possible into the hoop within a set time. The person who shoots the most bean bags before the timer goes off wins.

3. Pool Volleyball

You must have two teams of at least one to four members for pool volleyball, depending on the pool’s size. The game is fast-moving and can accommodate even the youngest children. Shorter players occupy the shallow end of the pool. The taller ones occupy the section near the deeper end.

There is not much equipment needed to get going with this game- just a ball and a net. The net is either mounted into poles placed in your pool’s deck or left to extend from weighted bases on the same area. Once it is up and the team members assume their positions, you are good to go. Even if you do not have a net, no worries, hitting the ball up in the air back and forth makes for a fabulous volleyball game

The only rule to follow is not letting the ball get out of the pool or touch the water. Every time this happens, the opposing team scores a point.

4. Watermelon Ball

The ball used for this game is full of water and feels like a watermelon hence the name watermelon ball. It is a bit heavy yet buoyant enough for dribbling, kicking, and even passing underwater. It’s the most preferred home pool game because you don’t have to leave the pool to fetch a straying ball at any point.

Are You All Ready To Play?

Pool games are the perfect way to entertain your family and friends on a budget. In addition, they are a fun alternative to indoor gyms, promoting a healthy mind and body while strengthening your social relations.

What’s more, you can choose from several games and create your own rules to go with your children’s needs. You only need high-quality, corrosion-resistant equipment to create unforgettable memories with your family in the comfort of your home.

Do You Need a Pool To Play?

Obviously, you cannot play these affordable fun pool games without a pool, so that is why we are here. We can make that happen. Contact BPS The Backyard Pool Specialists to start designing and building the perfect pool for your backyard that can incorporate all these fun games.