How often should you test your pool and spa water?

Balancing, and keep your pool’s water in balance shouldn’t be too difficult or time consuming.  The key to sparking, balanced water is stay on top of it by testing it often, keeping if free of dirt and debris, and regular proper treatment. If you allow your water chemistry to drift out of balance, it is far more difficult and costly to return it to balance.  Regular weekly testing and balancing techniques are all it takes to sparkling beautiful water. Continue reading “How often should you test your pool and spa water?”

Top 5 discussion points in new pool construction

You’ve read our article on how to select the right swimming pool builder; now it’s time to make sure your pool design will meet and hopefully exceed your objectives.

When planning for your new pool, there are many aspects to consider before finalizing your design plan. It’s important to think well beyond the actual body of water. Express how you want to use your pool to your builder – for relaxing, swimming laps, playing games, and equally important, the look and vibe you want your new pool to have. Continue reading “Top 5 discussion points in new pool construction”

Top 5 Tips on Selecting a Pool Builder

A swimming pool in your backyard – wow! You’ve talked about building a swimming pool, you’ve saved for it, and now you are ready to make it a reality. The first step toward making your dream come true is selecting the right pool builder. When you make the right choice, the process of designing and building your pool will be a pleasant one. Here are some quick tips to help you select the right pool builder for you. Continue reading “Top 5 Tips on Selecting a Pool Builder”