10 Inspiring Ideas for an Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

10 Inspiring Ideas for an Outdoor Kitchen and Pool

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas

When it comes to designing your outdoor dream space, personalization is the key element to making it work for you, your family, and your friends. Your backyard should fit your personal preferences and unique lifestyle to make sure it will work for you, year after year.

Do you love pizza? Are you a social drinker or an avid griller? Do you like to host a lot of people, or maybe just a few? 

These questions can help you design the perfect outdoor kitchen and pool space. Are you ready to create the backyard of your dreams? Read on to find out more!

Top Ten Inspiring Outdoor Kitchen and Pool Ideas

Creating an outdoor kitchen and pool, or individual features all start with what you intend to do with them. Think of your dream space and identify which pieces of that space stand out to you the most!

backyard pool and outdoor kitchen specialists, we take pride in helping you create the space of your dreams!

1. Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

If you have kids or love a slice yourself, incorporating an outdoor pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen is a great way to make homemade pizzas in your backyard! 

2. Grill-Masters Dream

Do you love to grill or dream of owning different grills for all your favorite dishes? We can help you create a grilling station perfectly designed to house your equipment accessories, and a prep area to keep you grilling all season long!

3. Sports Bar

Do you want your backyard oasis to be your own personal sports bar? When you make televisions a focal point in your outdoor kitchen and pool area, you can create a flow to make sure no one misses a play while they play!

4. Take in the View

Do you have a gorgeous view in your backyard, but feel like you never have the time to enjoy it? We create outdoor kitchens with your location in mind, and you can be sure never to miss another breathtaking sunset or changing of the seasons again!

5. Swim-Up Bar

Do you dream of tropical drinks and pool-side service? Custom made inground pools with outdoor kitchens can be designed as an area your friends can swim up to the bar for a vacation-like experience.

6. Cozy-Fireplaces

Does relaxation mean fireplaces and plush seating? Why not create a space with fire as the focal point that can be enjoyed after a delicious meal or to warm up after a moonlit swim?

7. Rustic Fire Pits

A social firepit is a perfect place to tell stories and make memories lasting a lifetime or roast marshmallows for dessert. 

8. Crowd Pleaser

Don’t ever feel limited by your seating and space again! An open-concept outdoor kitchen with built-in multi-purpose areas can be scaled to accommodate any sized party without feeling cramped.

9. Multi-Purpose Pool House

An indoor and outdoor space is the perfect way to give your guests a place to change and use the facilities, stay the night, or take a break in-doors without dripping all over your house!

10. Keep it Simple

If you enjoy the simpler things in life, stick with the basics and scale the project to meet your needs. A small outdoor fridge, a grill, and some shelter to give you shade may be the perfect outdoor kitchen!

Where to Start

Are you ready to create the outdoor kitchen and pool of your dreams? Contact Backyard Pool Specialists today for a free no-obligation quote. 

We look forward to helping you create the outdoor living space that perfectly fits you and your family and lets you enjoy all that your outdoor space has to offer.

Take a look at the image below of a beautiful patio cover. The perfect outdoor kitchen can be created underneath and poolside. If this is not your style, no worries, we can design and build the perfect backyard space just for you.